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Temporarily Unavailable

Hello everyone,
You have reached this page due to a situation that happened recently. The previous hosting provider for both JaysonsMedia.com and PrairieTalon.org changed their policy, hosting servers and the way pages can be presented. All the files from both websites were purged by the hosting provider. I did, however, maintain backup files on my flash drive so no information will be lost once the websites are back up and running again. This is only a temporary situation. I am in the process of finding permanent hosting for both websites. Once I establish a permanent hosting provider, the files for both websites will be uploaded to the new servers. The estimated time of resolution should be no more than a couple weeks. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank everyone for your patience and understanding.

Jayson L. Dodge
Owner, Founder, Creator and Webmaster
Jaysons Media LLC - jaysonsmedia.com
The Prairie High School Alumni Association Project - prairietalon.org